Happy Valentines Day


As Little Miss learns the alphabet I thought it would be good to incorporate some memory verses too.


Drove up to the mountains to play in some snow today. On the way we spotted a coyote out in the field and it wasn't till I got this picture on my computer to edit it did I notice the other coyote in the background. Love it when that happens. Way cool!


Just another Pinterest idea for matching big letters with little letters. Little Miss of course got all teary-eyed when she saw I was about to take a picture without her. How dare I! :)


Never knew you could actually feel love in your whole being till I had this little girl. She is just my absolute joy!


Little Miss loves to pick out a new Hot Wheels car periodically when we go to the store so the hubs thought it would be fun for her to have a track to race them on. I tell ya, that was one of the best ideas because that is one thing that keeps her attention for longer than 5 minutes. 


Well, we got some hail today...the closest we ever get to snow. :)