Day 120 - Flourishing

I am seeing more and more flowers pop up as the days go by. They are just soaking up all the awesome sunshine we are having. Who needs the flower fields when I practically live among the flower fields right here in my complex? :) Perfect sunny day today with perfect weather!

Day 119 - Techno for Tots

So when we were hanging out with friends last night their little girl had this laptop and my baby girl loved it. She is always typing on our computer so I got her her own little laptop. Of course you know she will still be on our computer too. The things we first time parents buy. :)

Day 118 - Mexican Sage

We were invited over to some friends' house tonight and they had these pretty plants growing in their backyard. Never seen these before. They are beautiful!


The Daily Wyatt

Day 117 - Nerds

I am so not feeling it today. Sitting on the couch like a zombie tonight I remembered I still hadn't taken a picture today so I grabbed some leftover Easter candy and snapped a couple shots.

Day 116 - Got Fish?

Look at this cute little guy begging for fish. He is so stinking cute! I would have given him a barrel of fish if I had it. :)

Day 115 - Be Still My Heart

Ok, so I actually took this picture yesterday, but my heart just melted all over my keyboard when I was editing this picture of my precious baby girl during the Easter egg hunt yesterday that I just had to make it today's picture. Her tiny shoes with her little ruffly socks and cute little dress with her darling curls are all the makings of the world's cutest Easter photo. I'm in love!

Day 114 - Happy Easter

I realize that the main reason for this holiday is to celebrate Jesus Christ rising from the dead; the fact that He lives and we serve a risen Savior!

Since I didn't have an empty tomb to take a picture of, I instead am taking a picture of the Easter eggs and the candy my daughter got at our Easter egg hunt at church today. The bunny in the background is the front of her Easter basket. Isn't it cute?!

Project 365 - Week 16

Click on the picture's title below to see the full picture.
1. A Mom's Tools
2. Tax Day
3. Are You My Mother?
4. Little Ponytail
5. Fresh from the flower fields...
6. Rose
7. Purple

NapTime MomTog Project 365

Day 113 - Purple

The past few days have been mega busy and flowers are the easiest last resort for me. At least I am still taking pictures, right? Don't know what this flower is called but I have noticed they are popping up more and more around here. Hope everyone has a Happy Easter tomorrow. He is Risen!

I am really behind on commenting on everyone's blogs but I will do my best to get caught up soon. Thanks to all my faithful commenters.

Day 112 - Rose

I don't think I have ever taken so many pictures of flowers before but I have never enjoyed them so much as I have since I started this challenge. They are just too beautiful not to capture. I'm loving the two baby ones in the background.

Day 111 - Fresh from the flower fields...

...of Walmart. :) An elderly gentleman employee saw me snapping picture of the tulips inside of the garden section of Walmart and asked me if I saw all the ones they had outside. I hadn't so he took me out there so I could get some better pictures. What a sweetheart! Aren't these tulips just gorgeous?

Day 110 - Little Ponytail

My baby girl is 17 months old today. I swear she has just completely stolen my heart. Have you ever seen such a darling little ponytail? The face belonging to it is adorably cute too!

Day 109 - Are You My Mother?

Did anyone read that story Are You My Mother? when you were a kid? It was one of my faves. That was my first thought when I saw this little guy all by himself. My baby girl and I were out walking around the complex and since I hadn't taken a picture yet today I brought my camera with me. We found this baby House Finch (aka a "fledgling" according to the bird nerd hubs) sitting ever so still in the corner of the building. He didn't budge as I sat there and snapped away. It was so cute seeing my little girl squat down to check him out. I just love his old man eyebrows! According to the hubs it's actually leftover downy fluff but it sure looks like old man eyebrows to me. :)

Day 108 - Tax Day

Hope you all got your tax filing postmarked by today. Ours has thankfully been done since February. I so much prefer the refund over the owing but then again who doesn't?

Day 107 - A Mom's Tools

These are every day items in my mom toolbelt. I wouldn't trade them for the world. This is by far the greatest most amazing job I have ever had. If you haven't figured it out yet, I am in love with my baby girl!

Project 365 - Week 15

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1. Spice It Up
2. Oral Hygiene
3. Thistles
4. I love Spring!
5. Mommy/Daughter Day
6. Flip Flop Kind of Day
7. Patriotic Baby

NapTime MomTog Project 365

The Daily Wyatt

Day 106 - Patriotic Baby

What a great day we had! First we went to an Easter egg hunt early in the morning and then we got to go see a Western Days Parade. It's hard to take artistic photos with so many people around and businesses as backdrops so I decided to choose this picture of my patriotic little girl waving her flag for today's photo.

Day 105 - Flip Flop Kind of Day

It was in the 80s today so we headed out to the pool. Can't believe I have a sunburn in April! Love my little girl's flip flops. They are so tiny and cute.

Today would have been Happy Birthday to my dad! I love you and never stop missing you!

Day 104 - Mommy/Daughter Day

I usually try to make my picture of the day artistic in some sense but not today. My little girl and I spent the day out together and I handed someone my camera and asked them to take a picture of us with the Polar Bear (whose name was Shivers, btw. Cute, right?) So I am stepping out of the norm and posting a more sentimental picture because this is what my day consisted of and I am one proud mommy. I love my baby girl!

Day 103 - I love Spring!

It's amazing that since I started doing this challenge I really look at the world around me differently. I am always looking for something interesting to photograph so I am extra aware of my surroundings. As I was walking to my car today from picking up lunch I saw these pretty flowers, grabbed my camera from the car and snapped away. I love Spring!

Day 102 - Thistles

Gorgeous warm day here! Took my baby girl to the park and then went for a walk around the lake. The flowers, the ducks, the dogs and their walkers were all soaking up the sunshine.

Day 101 - Oral Hygiene

All growing up my dad drilled into us the importance of oral hygiene. Kept me from having a cavity till I hit my 20s. Don't forget to brush and floss today. :)

Day 100 - Spice it Up

This shot was actually fun to set up. I shot from different angles and decided I liked this one the best. I must admit, I am terrible at properly spicing food. I seem to always under-spice food by not putting a whole lot in because I am so afraid I will over-spice it. One of these days after much practice hopefully I will become more successful in the kitchen. Hope everyone had a terrific Sunday!

100 days down!

Project 365 - Week 14

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1. Beauty of Nature
2. Female Anna's Hummingbird
3. Cookies and Milk
4. A Girl's Best Friend
5. I DO
6. Blueberries
7. Pretty In Pink

NapTime MomTog Project 365

The Daily Wyatt

Day 99 - Pretty in Pink

I went for a walk around our complex this evening trying to find something to photograph. I live in such a nice complex and they always have lots of pretty flowers so I picked these.

Day 98 - Blueberries

I guess this picture doesn't really need an explanation. It's late again and my brain is tired. Have a great weekend everyone.

Day 97 - I DO

Got the final payment in today for a wedding I shot a few months back so I am going through the process of getting all their pictures uploaded onto my website for them to start making their selections. I figured I would include one of their photos as today's picture.

Day 96 - A Girl's Best Friend

I actually don't even like Hershey's chocolate but in a moment of crisis, even Hershey's chocolate will suffice. You ladies know too that it is considered a crisis if there is no accessible chocolate!

Day 95 - Cookies and Milk

When I just need a little snack Fig Newtons seem to do the trick. I actually don't drink milk (insert gag here) but I decided to add it just for the picture's sake. :)

Day 94 - Female Anna's Hummingbird

Some of our neighbors have hummingbird feeders and this one seems to be very hip-happening. They must have some special juice in there. :) I'm sure I looked strange sitting out on their steps with my long lens waiting for one to show up.  Thanks to the hubs for the bird ID.

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The Daily Wyatt

Quarterly Top 5

I'm linking up with some awesome blog ladies by posting my top 5 faves of my baby girl for this quarter.

I love the genuine happiness on my baby girl's face. We LOVE playing at the park together.
 Such pure sweet innocence while styling her winter hat.
 The two loves of my life. Without this awesome man I wouldn't have this awesome baby girl!
 This will forever be one of my favorite photos. This picture captures one of my baby girl's very first steps. I never tire of babies' first steps.
 This picture melts my heart every time I look at it. My baby girl LOVES her grandma. Seeing my baby girl and my mom so much in love brings tears to my eyes. What precious precious memories.

Feel free to link up your own top 5 faves by clicking on the link below. You have till Apr. 6.

Click it Up a Notch

Day 93 - Beauty of Nature

Sundays are always busy for us with church and today was extra busy so I didn't get much time to work on a photo and what I came up with wasn't satisfying so I'm digging into the archives and going with this one.

Project 365 - Week 13

Click on the titles to see the full size picture.
1. On the Menu
2. Fresh Fruit
3. Nobody's Home
4. A Splash of Color
5. Spring Renewal
6. Colors and Numbers
7. A Spoonful of Strawberry and Sugar

NapTime MomTog Project 365

Day 92 - A Spoonful of Strawberry and Sugar

This was a fun shot to capture. I had to enlist the help of the hubs and the tripod to make it happen and am overall pleased with the outcome.

To answer everyone's question about yesterday's shot, I set up the shot on my kitchen floor. I used a cream colored table cloth cover as a backdrop and got on my belly to be on eye level with my subject and snapped away. I then imported it into LR and then used the adjustment brush to bump up the exposure in the areas around the toys.  That's how I obtained such a white background. Thank you for showing sincere interest in my photos. Hope this explanation helps. Let me know if you have any questions.

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