Day 31 of 365

Thanks to the generosity of some sweet friends, Little Miss got treated to Legoland twice this week! I think I have ridden enough roller coasters to last a lifetime. :)

Day 30 of 365

"C" is for Cow. We just started on the letter C today and Little Miss already has it down. We have fun driving down the freeway pointing to all the Cs we see. And yes, that is a chef's hat she is wearing. Since we were painting our craft today, she wanted to wear her apron and of course the apron can not be worn without the chef's hat. :)

Day 29 of 365

Have I mentioned how Little Miss thinks she should be the subject of every camera lens? Yes, I believe I have and tonight was no exception. While trying to get the shot on the left, Little Miss hopped in the picture. I swear her little camera radar goes off and her little 3 year old mind jumps into action: "What? Is that a camera? It must be looking for me!" I might have to start sneaking my shots. :)

Day 28 of 365

We took Little Miss to Legoland today. She has been wanting to go so bad for a while now so when we announced to her this morning where we were going, she let out a squeal. I just love her childish innocence in this photo. Watching the lego elephant shooting water was quite enrapturing.

Day 27 of 365

I fear I may have set some sort of false expectation in Little Miss in that every time anyone pulls out a camera, she feels she MUST be the subject. I kid you not. When absolute strangers pull out their cameras to take pictures of each other, Little Miss gets upset that they aren't taking a picture of her. As you can see, I have been taking lots of pictures of her preschool projects lately and today was no exception...she wanted to be in the picture. 

Day 26 of 365

This is kind of turning into a preschool photography challenge than a nature photography challenge  like my 2011 project was geared towards, but hey, maybe someone will get some good ideas from it. :) Since we are working on the letter "B" this week, I decided to do a sensory bucket geared that direction, so I filled the bucket with beans and all sorts of other "b" objects buried in the beans and as Little Miss dug out each object we would say, "B-b-button. B-b-bracelet". You get the idea.

Day 25 of 365

Yay! It rained today! Little Miss was all decked out in her rain gear as we headed out for preschool.

Day 24 of 360

Well, it was forecasted to rain today but other than a couple of sprinkles, we got nothin'! But here in SoCal, if you spend the money on cute rain boots and raincoat then you are sure as shootin' gonna wear them the second you see a rain cloud. Made my 3 year old's day. :)

Day 23 of 365

This week we are learning the letter "B". This morning's breakfast was "B" is for "Bear". :)

Day 22 of 365

Finishing our week of the letter 'A' with gluing some macaroni noodles onto a cutout of the letter and painting them. Tomorrow starts the letter 'B'. Exciting things happening at our house...let me tell you!

Day 21 of 365

Busy evening Little Miss had playing with her new sensory table, doing an alphabet craft and coloring in her new Dora coloring book.

Day 20 of 365

Yes, I actually took this picture on the 20th but didn't get around to posting it till today. I realize there is nothing photographically artistic about this photo, but thanks to Pinterest and a little of my own creativity this is one of the alphabet crafts I have for Little Miss. And considering it was really late when I realized I hadn't taken a picture for the day yet, all my creativity was used up on this. :)

Day 19 of 365

Ever since these dumb birds stole my lunch right off a picnic table and I witnessed them snatch up little ducklings at the zoo, I have hated them, but they were an easy subject to photograph as they gorged on all the food left by messy eaters after a show at SeaWorld.

Day 18 of 365

Ok, not the most exciting picture ever, but I am in craft mode. Trying to make learning ABCs more exciting and crafty is proving a bit challenging for me, so tonight I went out and bought a few things to make it fun for Little Miss. Can you guess what this is?

Day 17 of 365

Instead of having to come up with a title every day, I decided to make it easier on myself by just numbering the day. :)

The only time I have to get my workouts in is late at night after I put Little Miss down and start Itty Bitty on her bottle. Walks in the mornings....workouts at night....Squeezing it in when I can.

Day 16 - Broken

I found a broken piece of plant on the ground while I was out for my morning walk.

Day 15 - Game On!

Little Miss and I have been battling it out on the Candy Land game board.

Day 14 - Aye Matie!

Little Miss is getting a little tired of having to stay couped up inside but she's making the best of it and of course is still my happy smiley girl.

Day 13 - Croup

Little Miss has gotten croup for the first time. Poor thing had to be taken to Urgent Care last night, but hopefully will be on the mend here really soon.

Day 4 - My Water Baby

Mid-60 degree temps and a heated pool equals lots of winter pool play!

Day 3 - For the cat lovers

Though I myself am not particularly fond of cats, I spotted this cat during my morning walk sitting in the perfect spot for a photo.

Day 2 - Morning Walk

11 weeks post pregnancy and I think I have procrastinated long enough getting this baby weight off so I decided to get back to my workouts. Thankfully the hubs helps keep me motivated with my evening workouts and also since his work schedule changes week to week, I can go for morning walks with Itty Bitty before he has to be at work while he stays home with Little Miss.

While I was out walking this morning, I saw a crazy fire a couple blocks over from our complex. Will have to check the news later to see what that was all about.

Day 1- Happy New Year

I am crazily attempting another 365. It's already proving to be a challenge as my 3 yr. old wants in on all the pictures and wants to sit on my lap while I do any sort of editing. :) I don't know that I will be as crazy strict as I was in 2011 as I want this to be a fun project and not so stressful like last time. I just don't pick up the camera as much as I use to and I want to encourage myself to take more pictures this year. They may be mostly of my girls as they are my life, but either way I'm looking forward to another year behind the camera.