Day 26 of 365

This is kind of turning into a preschool photography challenge than a nature photography challenge  like my 2011 project was geared towards, but hey, maybe someone will get some good ideas from it. :) Since we are working on the letter "B" this week, I decided to do a sensory bucket geared that direction, so I filled the bucket with beans and all sorts of other "b" objects buried in the beans and as Little Miss dug out each object we would say, "B-b-button. B-b-bracelet". You get the idea.


Pam said...

Cute idea.How old is Little Miss?
I'm working on an ABC photo album for my Granddaughter where I'm putting a picture for each letter, except there pictures of familar things to her. P for Pokie(our dog) G for Grandmas (me and the other one lol) W for worm (her little hands holding a worm when we were fishing this summer). Hope to have it done for her 3rd birthday in March.

Mari said...

What a fun idea!