Day 222 - Established 1946/ Ten on Ten

Mom, baby girl and I went to Julian today. As we were getting ready to leave I saw the church steeple in the background and thought this made for a great picture. 
I participated in Ten on Ten again this month (1 picture every hour for 10 hours to document a day in our lives)

Hour 1
My little sunshine is always smiles first thing in the morning. Probably one of my favorite times of the day is getting her up and being greeted with such a beautiful smile.

Hour 2
I have been trying to make it a habit for a while now to read her a chapter out of Proverbs every day but haven't been as good about it as I was before. I remembered after breakfast that I hadn't read it to her so we sat down on the couch together while we read today's chapter out of Proverbs.

Hour 3
Grandma (my mom) text me and asked if we would like to go to Julian with her today. We were heading out the door to go to the park anyway so we decided to change up our plans and go with Grandma instead. Baby girl loves to run to Grandma's door and press her face up against it for Grandma to let her in.

Hour 4
It's quite a long drive to Julian but baby girl was quite the happy trooper on the drive up.

Hour 5
One of the three bears she posed with in Julian. You can tell her mom is a photographer because when I told her to go stand by the bear so I could take her picture she did exactly that (at 20 months old!) lol

Hour 6
Grandma treated us to lunch while we were in Julian....oh and bought us candy and apple pie too!

Hour 7
My precious doll baby posing with another bear as we were waiting to order our apple pie before we left.

Hour 8
When we got home, I put baby girl down for a nap and kicked back with a Diet Coke and a movie from Netflix before taking a nap myself.

Hour 9
Watching my little girl on the monitor enjoying a nice long nap.

Hour 10
Fresh up from her nap and eating dinner before heading off to church.

As you can see my days are full of my baby girl! Hope you had a delightful day too.
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Nadege, said...

Your baby girl is just so gorgeous.

Chesney said...

Looks like quite the how you documented it!

Jaime said...

You're daughter has THE sweetest smile!

Laura said...

Your daughter is the cutest!

Really appreciate your feedback on my blog. Oddly enough, I was working on changing it last week. Having some issues with the layout sizes so plan to try again when I have more time. But thank you.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great day. Cute photos.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Thanks for sharing your day with me.

Branson said...

I always mean to do this, but haven't gotten to yet. Maybe next month...

Kristin said...

Awww, love this post. It really shows great insight into what your daily life is like. I like so many of the photos in the series, but the one I like the best is her little finger pointing to the words in the bible...that one is so powerful t me. Glad you got spend some time with your mom...and that you squeezed a nap in there too!