Day 1 - Firelight

I was going to try to get outside to take my first picture of the year but before I knew it night had fallen. So I ventured into our bedroom where we have some pretty sconces hanging on the wall. With the lights out I decided to focus in on one and capture the beauty of the flame of a candle aglow through the charming design of this lovely sconce.

ISO 800
SS 1s (I had to use a tripod for the slower shutter speed)


thearmychapswife said...

Hi Misty! I followed your link from xanga and I'm so excited about this photo blog that you're doing! (It's leasejw from xanga, by the way.) Thanks for putting the specs of what you used to take the picture. I'm hoping to learn from you! : )

Gabrielle said...

I have done that photo a day thing and I really did help my photography get so much better over the year I did it. I found it so easy to take a picture (and usually I couldn't just take one) but the hard part was posting them! Blessings on your endeavor! btw this is Gabrielle from xanga...redladybug18

longneys said...

Welcome to the 365 blog club. I'm looking forward to following your blog. I hope you enjoy it. I know it's been fun and beneficial for me.

p.s. I like that you include your settings. That's something people have asked me to do but I haven't done so yet. Thanks for the inspiration and reminder.

Misty said...
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