Day 354 - Product Prep

I'm all about presentation when delivering a product to one of my clients. I am meeting with two different clients tomorrow to deliver their pictures to them so I was getting everything prepped tonight. 

P.S. Can't wait to get my new business cards! It will be so nice when everything is uniformed.


Seeing Each Day said...

Your tag card for your clients looks very professional. I'm sure it must be a case of easier said that done, as in it looks beautiful and stylish but every ribbon tying and card cutting out must take time.

Seeing Each Day said...

Me again, but in regards to your last post about the chocolates - how lovely!! I received a box of the very same brand & colours - they are truly luscious aren't they. Lovely that you got to enjoy them. And as per usual such an artistic photo (and inspiring for me as the viewer) too.