Favorite Photo of the Week Winners - Week 1

I am so pleased with the participation for the first week of the Favorite Photo of the Week Contest so much so that I decided to list the Top 5 instead of the only Top 3. Thank you, everyone for participating. There were so many gorgeous entries that I had a hard time selecting my favorites. I narrowed it down below. Here are the Top 5:

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I just love this silhouette and processing. It reminds me of a Carnival off an old movie. Makes me want to step right into the picture and become a part of the romance.

 A Rural Journal
  I love the textures and colors of this photo. Takes me back to the country. Overall a gorgeous photo!
This is what I was talking about in my challenge. Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. I love objects like this that no one would give a second thought to unless you had the artistic mind of a photographer.

The detail on that bee is insane! I have attempted many a bee shot and haven't even come close. Gorgeous detail!

This week's  #1 photo winner goes to....drumroll......

 I know first hand how difficult it is to get a good clear hummingbird shot but you did an outstanding job! Absolutely stunning! Gorgeous clarity!

Congratulations! Be sure to grab your button!

Be sure to check back for the next Favorite Photo of the Week Contest on Friday!


Cheryl said...

Those are really great photos! I thought about entering the contest this past week, but barely had the time to take pics and post. Maybe next time. Although, I'm not sure I can quite match up to those, even when I get to play with my boyfriend's camera. The more you play the better you get, though.

Catherine said...

Wow, that bee is amazing! The hummingbird was one of my faves, too! Congrats to everyone!

Mari said...

Beautiful shots!

Amy said...

Thanks Misty! I wouldn't have wanted to pick, they were all really good.

Unknown said...

Wow! Seriously?! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! So many gorgeous photos ... I don't know how you could pick a top 5 let alone a winner! And mine? I'm just floored.

We have been enjoying the hummingbird feeder all week. I love how they swoop in, drink a little, then buzz away so quickly. Fascinating birds!

Kristin said...

Beautiful photos! Congrats to all the finalists and to the winner with that amazing shot!

Nancy said...

Thanks for the nod, Misty. Everyone's photos were spectacular. The hummingbird shot -- awesome! :)

elizabeth said...

loving this collection of photos - especially the first one it does look like an old carnival photo
great job