This Week's Featured Linkup - Photography Basics: The Art of Composition

It's time for my 6th Linkup Feature...

Halie over at Shutterscapes hosts the linkup called 'Photography Basics: The Art of Composition' on her blog. She has included the details of her linkup below:

According to the book (The Art of Composition by Bert Kragges which inspired the meme), the exercises in the book were designed to help photographers to develop their skills in composition and perception.

The basic rule is to shoot your photographs in Monochrome (from camera and not shot in color, then converted to black and white). According to what I've read, it will help one enhance his/her skills in perception and recognize elements like edges, spaces and the relationships between objects without introducing the more complicated elements of manipulation of hue, intensity of color and the likes. The exercise is geared towards the use and hopefully the mastery of lights and the play of shadows in a photograph.

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Halie said...

Thank you for featuring my linky party. It will start again on August. The challenge will be up by the 31st of July.