Day 342 - "Baby Story"

Each year since my daughter was born, I have bought her a different Christmas ornament. This is now her 3rd Christmas and since she is really into Toy Story this year, (my daughter calls it Baby Story because of the baby in the 3rd movie....why she likes the creepy baby I have know idea)  I got her a Woody and Buzz ornament. She loves it apparently because before she went to bed tonight she gave it a great big kiss. :)


Marco Luijken said...

Hello Misty,
Very funny shot of these little Woody and his friend Buzz.
Nice to see hang them in the Christmas tree. Very funny!! I like it.

Greetings, Marco

Christina said...

I wanted that ornament for my oldest. Could not find it anywhere. I waited way too long to go out and find them. I do the same thing for both my boys. I think it will be nice when they get older to give them all to them.

Susan said...

That is too funny! (And sweet) What a neat collection of ornaments she'll have when she's older!

Unknown said...

We got an ornament every year for Christmas Eve. I used to think it was so lame when I was a kid. Until I got married and had enough ornaments to decorate my first Christmas tree. You're daughter is going to really appreciate this tradition (hopefully sooner than I did).