Day 352 - Scavenger Hunt Sunday / 1/2 cup

Yep, I waited again till today to get all the prompts for today's Scavenger Hunt AND I waited till after the sun went down so I had to use crappy fluorescent lighting. Ah well. At least I participated, right?

Does this picture look familiar? I have posted it before but it's all I had for this prompt.

{What Is It?}
Ok, so it's pretty obvious what the foreground is but do you know what the background is? A bit of a stretch for this prompt, I know. lol

{Half} Picture of the Day
Half a cup - Genius, right? :)

The window of one of the toy cars has a really bad reflection in it, but hey, it's a window. :) I snatched one of the cars my daughter was playing with to take this. Thankfully she didn't care.

{Children Sleeping}
Another old picture I am using for this prompt. My daughter is a light sleeper so I can't exactly go in and set up my tripod to get a good picture of her, so this will have to do. This is my favorite TV to watch. :)


Nadege, said...

A very creative set. I love the little car and your what is it shots.

Kara N said...

Beautiful photos - and for some reason I hadn't thought of that as half a cup until you posted it. I kept seeing a half empty cup when I thought of that prompt.

Saun said...

Awesome series I love the last shot very creative.

Ashley Sisk said...

Your last shot is so creative - nicely done!

Mary Gene Atwood said...

You did such a creative set! Love the truffles, and what is it? Have a glorious week.

Kay Rhodes said...

I really like the composition of your half shot!!

Cindy said...

creative! love that 1/2 cup idea.