ClickinWalk Registration Now Open!

I am super excited to announce that Clickin Moms is hosting its 1st annual worldwide ClickinWalk on October 8, 2011! Kim, another Clickin Mom and I will be leading San Diego's ClickinWalk and we couldn't be more excited to share with you the route we will take and the many photo ops that will be presented. Those of you who aren't in San Diego, visit the site to see what other locations will be participating.

Kim and I would be delighted if you would come and join us, bring your cameras, be prepared to make some friends and have a ball of a time enjoying the one thing we all have in common: a passion for photography. So what exactly is a ClickinWalk? I'm so glad you asked! I copied the info below from the Clickin Moms website:

ClickinWalk is an opportunity for women who know one another in the virtual world to come together in the physical world and bond with others who share their passion for photography.  This event is designed not only to give women an occasion during which to nurture friendships and professional networks, but also to provide a chance to challenge both their photography and creative skills.

What do you do on a ClickinWalk?
ClickinWalk is an activity in which local photographers are encouraged to spend time together visiting, exploring their city and, of course, taking photographs! Each walk will be unique, but in every city there will be a guided tour of an area with many photographic opportunities and then a chance to gather and chat at the completion of the walk.

Registration is free and you don't have to be a member of Clickin Moms to come out and join us. There will also be some fabulous prizes based on certain photographic criteria. Please please please come support your local leaders and meet some other wonderful photographers who share your passion.

San Diegans I hope to see you there! This is an event you will not want to miss. You don't want to kick yourself for not going especially when you see everyone's picture popping up all over the web from our own city's ClickinWalk. Don't worry, none of us know each other in person either and we are all at different levels of photography, so don't let any excuses hold you back. We want you to come join in the fun with us!

Hope to see you there! I will be making announcements throughout the month leading up to the actual event!

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