This Week's Featured Linkup - 'Be Inspired - a 365 project'

It's time for my 12th Linkup Feature...

Tracey over at Inspire Me Photography hosts the weekly linkup called 'Be Inspired ~ A 365 Project' on her blog. She has included the details of her linkup below:

Though many are doing a photo a day and link up every week, anyone who would like to share a photo from their week are encouraged to join in the fun.  The goal here is to BE INSPIRED whether you do a 365 or join sporadically.  The challenge is to take a photo a day and every week link up and share your project with others. It’s quite the task but a lot of fun and at the end of the day, we’re all learning so much from each other. Each week, Tracey will be picking the favorite 5 photos to highlight on the blog. In order to be a winner you must add your photo(s) from the week (not a collage) to the Flickr! group: Be Inspired - 365 days in pictures.  The top 5 are chosen based on entries that week, not where you are in your 365. Linky opens Saturday for photos taken the previous week (Saturday-Friday) and remains open until the following Friday. Happy shooting!

Inspire Me

'Be Inspired - A 365 Project' will now be included on my list of  linkups under the tab 'Other Linkups' found at the top of my page. Tracey, please be sure to include my button below on your blog so others can find their way to this helpful list of linkups.

If you would like your linkup featured on my blog, please click on the tab at the top of the page entitled 'Get Your Link Up Featured' for details. The next linkup will be featured next Monday.

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