Well I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas. I know mine couldn't have been any more perfect seeing and hearing the delight from my little girl as she opened each present. Kids make Christmas completely awesome. I so appreciate those of you who participated this week. I know the busyness of the holidays has even kept me away from participating in other linkys. Check out the winners!

The details captured of the ice crystals is just amazing.  Very well done. {Kim}

This photo was titled "Serenity Is" and I couldn't think of a more accurate name for this. Incredible details and gorgeous reflections. An overall marvelous landscape. {Misty}

I love the creativity of this shot.  The composition is nice and balanced.  I just kept coming back to it. Nice!! {Kim}

Absolutely insane! I! This would have definitely been my winner of the week. Everything about this photo is absolutely incredible from the lighting to the's all gorgeous! {Misty}

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And this week's #1 winner is:

Food photography is so much harder than it looks.  Jaymi did a fantastic job with depth of field, varying textures, and using the plates and placemats to add geometric form to keep the shot interesting.  This looks like it came straight out of a magazine! {Kim}

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Alyson and Ford said...

Yes, kids make Christmas extra special; we have our littlest daughter and three granddaughters, so had lots of Joy!
Love the photos you selected this week! Stunning! I have a camera I need to learn to use as I always use "Auto"! These photo should get me motivated to take a beginners class in 2012.

Happy New Year!
Alyzabeth's Mommy

Janine Bollée said...

It was easy to choose my 'best', as my blog is only 2 days old :-)

Georgia said...

I had trouble with the linky. Hope it was okay to submit the way I did it.Simply Silver

Daenel T. said...

What great pictures! That Picking Poppies one is so eerie it's beautiful. I don't envy y'all having to choose a favorite.

I hope you'll keep hosting into the new year, I love seeing everyone's work.

Happy New Year.

Jaymi said...

Wow I can't believe I won! Thanks so much for picking me among such fabulous entries!!!!

Kim Stevens said...

Well thanks Misty, for choosing my photo! I made my hubby turn around at a stop light to go back and get that one! haha

Happy New Year!!

Unknown said...

These top 5 are amazing! What beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing!