Favorite Photo of the Week Winners - Week 8

*This is the last day to enter for my giveaway from my Etsy shop! Winners will be announced tomorrow!*

You guys continue to encourage me and amaze me! 59 entries this week! After much deliberation, we have our winners!

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Look at the detail on the face! Insanely incredible!

Incredible details on this adorable little guy. I'm in love! Wish I could take a trip to Australia just to see one.

Excellent wing detail. Beautiful colors. Gorgeous lighting.

What an amazing macro shot! Absolute perfect clarity, color and lighting!

And this week's #1 Favorite Photo of the Week is:

This looks like the most relaxing peaceful spot. I sighed contentedly when I saw this photo. Absolutely stunningly beautiful!

Congratulations, Katie on being this week's Favorite Photo of the Week! Grab your button below.

Be sure to visit our winners and follow their blogs. They are all phenomenal photographers. Look for the next contest on Friday...


Unknown said...

These are all great! And I agree about Katie's photo looking so peaceful.

Nadege, said...

Thank you for picking my image in your top five. The winning image is absolutely stunning.

Katie said...

eek!! :D Thanks so much for picking my photo!! I'm truly honored and super excited!!