I wrote a post earlier this week and am ashamed to say that I deleted it just because I didn't know how popular of a post it would be. Then I read this post by Ashley at After Nine to Five and it was a good reminder that I need to blog about what I want to blog about and not what I think people want me to blog about. I just need to be real.

So...I've decided to write another post along the same lines.

I saw a movie a while ago where the family would sit around the table and discuss their high/low of the day. What a great way to encourage open communication in your family. The hubs and I tried it and it made me feel more connected to him after being apart for an entire day. I felt like with just a couple of sentences we had really allowed ourselves to share, in full honesty, what our day was like.

The nice thing about sharing both the highs and the lows is that it forces me to always find the positive while at the same time being honest on my blog that life isn't always dandy. So, I've had a few high/lows this week and wanted to share them with you.

High: Coming home from the gym two different days this week and being greeted with a clean kitchen and breakfast made for me courtesy of the hubs.

Low: Trying to overcome some disappointing news.

High: When my toddler when off by herself with no encouraging whatsoever and scribbled wrote me a note in her adorable way, crinkled it up in a ball folded it in her toddler way and brought it to me with the biggest smile on her face and said, "For Mommy!" Talk about melting a mama's heart.

Low: Hearing of the passing of an old friend

(The note my baby girl wrote me)

As you go about your week, take mental notes of the high/lows of your week and come back this weekend and share them with me. If anyone is interested in sharing their week with me, I'll set up a linkup if you like on Saturday so we can all get to know each other a little better and share in each others highs and lows.

Enjoy the rest of your week, my friends!


Amanda said...

I love this. I like that even tho there are lows, you put them side by side with the highs, and you can sort of keep life in perspective that way. Sometimes it feels like there are so many more lows than highs. Thank you for posting.

Jules said...

What a great idea! My Hubs and I always ask each other about each other's days. I like that you ask both the high & the low. Growing up, my parents always tried to encourage us to be more positive and find the good in things. Often when I'm stuck in traffic or something negative happens I like to think "Well you never know, God could be saving us from a horrible car wreck." And truly, we'll never know....just trying to be positive about each negative situation we're in. Course, sometimes it is easier said than done. Great post.

黄清华 Wong Ching Wah said...

Oh ! I use perhaps what you call "mental notes" when I am teaching, I think some Gurus call it "mind mapping". And I somehow create pictures of my teaching notes and concepts in my mind so that I can recall them when I teach in a class.

Kim said...

I am sorry your week was full of lows, but it does make you appreciate those highs.
My prayers are with you friend. :)

Amy S said...

Prayers coming your way! .. i so agree... We have to put our lows and highs in perspective so that we do not get bogged down by them! NEver be ashamed.... never feel like you cannot let your heart pour out on this blog! IT already shows how much love you put into everything! I am so sorry for your loss.... Hugs ....

Kim Stevens said...

You should absolutely share what's on your heart without a second thought as to its popularity - we will never please everyone and that's okay! Sorry to hear about your friend.

Ross said...

Never listen to others about what you should and shouldn't write. It's about you and what you want to express. I'm sorry about your bad news this week.

Unknown said...

I love this idea Misty! I'm so glad you shared. And your little note is so sweet! :)