Sunday: Focus on the Savior (with Jana Marek)


I'm just an average girl--wife to an amazing man, mommy to three little ones, and a nurse currently taking some time off to be with the previously mentioned little ones.  I love the life God has given me. I blog over at Words, Musings, and Notes

"Peace Like a River"
 Life is crazy, wonderful, awful, and everything in between.  With all the drama, it's easy to forget that God is in control and that He offers us peace in the midst of all the chaos.  Recently, the Lord has been reminding me over and over of Psalm 73.  It's worth taking a few minutes to read this chapter.  I'll just give a brief summary here.  The Psalmist saw how all the wicked people around him seemed to be prospering while he had nothing but trouble even though he was doing right.  The more he thought about that, the more discouraged he became. After awhile, the Psalmist went to the Lord.  It was then that God reminded him about the end of those who will not follow the Lord.  He was reminded that he needed to stay close to the Lord so that he could keep a proper perspective on life.   I need that reminder every day because it is too easy to forget to "focus on the Savior."  My pastor recently shared this quote in his sermon:  "What you forget, you can't appreciate.  What you don't appreciate, you won't value.  You will be unwilling to devote your life to something you do not value."  The Lord Jesus Christ has done so much for me that I want to serve Him.  To that end, I've been working to keep the Lord in my thoughts through out the day.  Recently, I've started jotting verses down to keep by my kitchen sink so that when I am doing dishes or washing my hands, I can read over them.  I listen to music that focuses my mind back to  Jesus and everything He's done for me.  It's a journey--following the Lord.  My prayer is that the Lord will help me learn to love Him more every day so that I can say with the Psalmist:  "My flesh and my heart faileth: but God is the strength of my heart, and my portion for ever."--Psalm 73:26

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