SHOOT. EDIT. SUBMIT. People's Choice

Time to vote for your favorite photo from this month's SHOOT. EDIT. SUBMIT. Winners! These listed below were chosen as the #1 winning photo the last 4 weeks and now it is time to choose a winner.

The winner's photo will get a free month long feature on the right side bar of mine and Kim's blog which gives them more exposure thus driving more traffic to their blog.

Not only will the winner win a free month long feature but we also have some wonderful people sponsoring prizes for our winners each month. This month's sponsor is Camera Creatures!

About Camera Creatures:  I developed a serious interest in photography when I had my first baby.  Then there were three in total (each 15 months apart), and it became nearly impossible to get them to sit still, let alone look at the camera on command.  My shoots consisted of my jumping up from behind the camera with a hand puppet and yelling any variety of high-pitched noises interspersed with loud “peekaboos.”  Sure it worked, but it was a legistical nightmare. I also found my friends’ children were not quite as attentive to my antics. 
The search for solutions led me to find a variety of hand crafted lens props that I knew I too could make at home.  I created some of the animals my children loved and I joined the ranks and opened a small shop on the internet.  After being contacted by a couple of reputable camera shops wanting to sell Camera Creatures, I decided to develop a professionally made stuffed animal that fits comfortably on all interchangeable lenses.
Thus was born Camera Creatures, LLC.
She is giving the winner ALL 3 of the camera creatures!  She is a firm believer that getting the choice of which one to select helps open up kids and get them in the right mood for a photo shoot.   Her site only has images up of the dog and the owl, but they just got a ladybug that she will be sending to the winner, as well. So, sound the alarm and go gather all your friends, fans and families to come vote for you! These are amazing prizes that you most certainly will want to claim as your own. If you are not in the running but still wish to have own one of these adorable camera creatures, visit the Camera Creatures website to get some of your own! You can also find Camera Creatures on Facebook and Twitter.

Voting closes at midnight on Tuesday. Winner will be announced on Thursday.

White Magnolia Photography

Butterflies in Time

 Tranquility....& Turmoil

 Pieces of Contentment


Ross said...

Great photos! All of them are great shots it's unfortunate that only one can win.

黄清华 Wong Ching Wah said...

I vote for the white magnolia !!!!!