Ten on Ten

I finally remembered to participate in 10 on 10 this month! I had to set an alarm in my phone to remind me. :) Basically, on the 10th of every month, you take a picture every hour for 10 hours to record your day. It's fun!

{Hour 1}
When I went to go get baby girl up this morning, she had arranged her stuffed animals nice and neat like this.

{Hour 2}
The hubs was home this morning so I was able to steal some quiet time away and get some Bible reading in. I'm using my handy dandy through-the-Bible-in-a-year chart.

{Hour 3}
It's Friday which mean story time at the library!

{Hour 4}
The library has an adjoining park where we like to hang out for a while after story time. Baby girl has even made some friends of which two of them brought snacks specifically for her today. How sweet!

{Hour 5}
Lunch time!

{Hour 6}
Baby girl went down for a nap, so it was time to catch up on this week's Revenge episode.

The bathroom was in desperate need of cleaning so I figured it would be best to get it done while baby girl was still sleeping.

{Hour 8}
Look who's up enjoying her juice - bed head and all.

{Hour 9}
Amazingly gorgeous day today (79 degrees inside my apartment) so baby girl and I went out to burn off some energy and get some exercise.

{Hour 10}
Daddy had to work tonight so baby girl and I decided to treat ourselves to dinner out. My little dinner date was more interested in what was going on around us...typical toddler :)

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Jes said...

what a fun day with your daughter!

trulymegs said...

Love the first photo! It is so adorable that your daughter set her animals like that. It looks like it was staged.

Nadege, said...

Looks like you had a great day.

Jeanne said...

Your little girl is adorable and especially love that black and white!!

Brooke said...

What a lovely 10!!! Jealous of your sun! Love the bed head shot.

faith ann raider said...

how fun! I love these :) I did the 10 on 10 on instagram yesterday. It was a lot of fun!

Carrie said...

Looks like a fabulous Friday!

Anne U @ hot coffee mama said...

Love all the pictures of your little girl, so cute.

Patrice said...

These are great - I'd never heard of Ten on Ten before, and I saw it twice today! Fun!!

Cindy said...

what a fun play by play of your day!

it intrigues me... how we can cross paths here and be friends. :)
and yet? there's So Much about you.your life.day.everything. that i know nothing about. so this little peak is special.

so glad to have you in my life. <3

Kim Stevens said...

This is really fun Misty, and I'm loving that first one. Love the shadows they are casting, and it looks like they are having quite the conversation.

I also love that last one! If I had done that today, almost all of them would have been of basketball, we were at a tournament ALL day!

Jamie said...

Love seeing your day!!