Birthday Month - Looking for Giveaway Sponsors!

Next month is my birthday. The 1st of November to be exact. I will be turning the big 3-0! *whimper* So, to lighten the blow of getting old, I am looking for people who would be willing to sponsor some giveaways to help me embrace the 30s a little more happily.

As a sponsor, what do YOU get out of it?

1.  A free month long 150x150 ad spot on my blog.
             My current stats are:
                   ~6,410 pageviews last month
2.  A post highlighting your blog or Etsy shop.
3.  Lots of exposure!

All participants will be required to follow your blog and/or visit your Etsy shop stating which of your products they like the best. Optional entries will include "liking" your page on Facebook and following you on Twitter. (Please include this information when you e-mail me.)

Some giveaway ideas:
          - Free ad space (sponsor must have at least 250 followers)
          - Product from your Etsy shop (please be sure to include your shipping limitations, i.e. internationally, only US or US and Canada)
          - Discount off Etsy shop purchases
          - Registration fee waived for an e-class you may be teaching the month of November

If you have another giveaway you want to sponsor not listed here, feel free to send me an e-mail.

If you would like to be a sponsor for my birthday giveaway, then e-mail me at capturedbymistydawn (at) yahoo (dot)com'

Please pass this blog post on to those you think may want to get in on this and be a sponsor. Thanks everyone! I appreciate your support in advance.


Anne U @ hot coffee mama said...

That's my baby's birthday too!

Janie said...

Very impressive poll about how a person chooses to follow a blog. I would like to have a poll on my blog too. I left Facebook again, is that the only way you can do a poll?
Thanks for your comment about my bear spotting. He was walking when I took that photo, and I didn't want to mess around. I have some others to post, may add more bear photos.

Unknown said...

Hi Misty! I would LOVE to do a Giveaway from m Etsy Shop :)