How do you choose the blogs you follow?

As I travel the blogosphere, I have found so many incredible blogs to follow. I've had to cut my list down from time to time because sometimes I don't have the time to visit as many blogs as I would like. There's such a variety of bloggers out there, but I tend to follow bloggers whose overall theme revolves around photography. Amidst my travels, I find some bloggers with oodles of followers and comments galore and then others with not so many. My blog has grown so much over the past 9 months, but I am always looking for new ways to enhance it. I came up with this survey to help me better understand my readers. Multiple selections are encouraged.

If you chose "Other" then please leave a comment below with more details.  Thanks you guys!


Amber said...

I hope you share the end result with us.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to see the responses later! Interesting poll.

Christina, Sweden said...

a very interesting poll. For me the blogging friends in my Fotobloggen2011 are those who participate in 2011 in the photowalk where I get inspiration, learn by the comments and force myself to think and write in English (not that easy.... but I'm learning ) I also have another blogs, Havsutsikten(sea wiew) wich is in Swedish and where I mostly follow friends I have IRL. In that one it's much more storys written..

Christina, Sweden