Day 283 - As the Sun Sets

One of my favorite times of a day is right as the sun sets. The gorgeous glow cast upon this boat adds the artistic coloring all photographers love to capture.

For those of you who were curious to know the outcome of the poll, here you go...

How do you choose the blogs you follow?
Author displays gorgeous photography  23.78%  (39 votes)  
Author shares helpful tutorials  19.51%  (32 votes)  
Author hosts giveaways  4.88%  (8 votes)  
Author shares personal stories  17.68%  (29 votes)  
Author shares lessons from the heart  9.76%  (16 votes)  
Author features special guests  1.22%  (2 votes)  
Author shares lots of pictures with detailed posts  6.1%  (10 votes)  
Author keeps photos to a minimum with short blurbs about each photo  7.32%  (12 votes)  
Author hosts linkups  7.32%  (12 votes)  
Other  2.44%  (4 votes)  
Total Votes: 164


Mari said...

I love that time of day too! The poll is interesting.

Nadege, said...

The golden hour, a great time of day for photographers.

Amy said...

Love this!