Tutorial Tuesday - {Making a Button}

So you've seen all the cool buttons flying around the blogosphere (well not literally flying) and you want one yourself? Well, here is a super easy tutorial on how to create your own.

Now, you can be as creative as you want with what image you want to appear on your button. You can add text or whatever you like. Whatever picture you choose though you need to change the dimensions to whatever size button you want. The average button is usually 150x150.

One of the easiest ways I have found to do it is to upload the image to Picnik and re-size it but be sure to uncheck the "Keep Proportions" box and then enter your dimensions.

You now need to find a place to host your picture. I use Photobucket. Copy the Direct Link button from the Photobucket picture.

Copy the code below and into the html portion of your blog post or your side bar depending on where you want your button. Replace yourblogurl with your blog's url and yourimagedirectlinkURL with the direct link code from Photobucket.

Directly below the html code you just created copy the following text

<textarea rows="4" cols="20">

then copy the entire html code you created and paste it after the text then paste the following text after the html code


 Viola! You can now view your button and people can now copy it to their own blog.

Let me know if you have any questions. I hope this was simple enough.


Nadege, said...

Sounds simple enough but as I'm still having trouble getting 'mouse over code' to work, I would probably, have trouble with this too.

Jennie Louise said...

I've recently made myself a badge for people to grab and add to their site... it took a lot longer that I thought it would because the instructions I followed (off the internet)were no where near as straight forward as yours are. lovely helpful blog post indeed. ;-)
jennie. x

Shoni said...

This is awesome! Thank you.

Reena said...

Hey, I was wondering how folks did that! Thanks!

Laura said...

Thanks for sharing that, I have wondered how its done.

Seeing Each Day said...

I've always wondered how this is done - thanks for taking the time to explain it so well and simply.

Kim said...

I really needed this about 2 years ago. Where were you then? lol. This really is a great tutorial and perfect for so many people.

Scott said...

Nice tutorial Misty!

Bek said...

Thank you!! I'm not quite ready yet for a button, but will keep it in mind when I'm there;)

Kristin said...

Great tutorial. Thank you. I made my button and got all the way to....now how do I add it to my sidebar? I'm looking under design but don't see something specific for it...I'll try picture but how would I add the HTML part?

Laura lok said...

awesome I did it need to work on a better image but I got something up there. mentioned you in tomorrows post as well as my info section thanks fro the help.