Sunday: Focus on the Savior (with Yours Truly)

Unconditional Love

Today is a very special day. Two years ago today I gave birth to the greatest earthly gift God ever bestowed on me. My precious beautiful baby girl. She is just the light of my life and every day is full of new discoveries and viewing the world through such innocent eyes.

Today at church my brother, our pastor, will be praying over my precious daughter as we dedicate her back to God. Just as Hannah gave Samuel back to the Lord as she promised she would, so I know that it is the Lord who gave my girl to me and with all my heart I give her back to Him that He may always have His will and way in her life.

I never knew love until I became a mother. That kind of unconditional love that I would so willingly give my life to save hers without a second thought. What love! What wondrous love! What takes my breath away is that this indescribable love that grows with every beat of my heart doesn't even compare to the love of my Savior. No one, not one person will ever love my little girl like I love her. No one, not one person will ever love me the way my Savior loves me.

My baby girl has no doubts that I will care for her. That I will protect her and provide for her and shield her from anything or anyone that may ever try to harm her. It's not even a second thought. She never questions my love for her. She never wonders if tomorrow she will eat and have a warm place to sleep. She trusts me that no matter what she will always be cared for and in that beautiful pure innocence she can rest her head each night without a worry...without a fear.

How the tears flow knowing that my Savior wants me to trust Him that same way. To rest in His care without a worry without a care in the world about what tomorrow holds. In His arms I am safe and nothing or no one can ever harm me. If only we had that same pure innocent trust of a child...never wondering or worrying about tomorrow... never questioning if He will provide our needs.

Our Savior loves us more than a mother loves her child. The very thought just blows my mind! To think that despite all my faults and imperfections, He loves me! Despite my lack of faith....He loves me! Despite my whining and complaining...He loves me......He loves me......unconditionally.

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!  I love you!


Nadege, said...

A precious gift.

Chase Your Dreams said...

Such a beautiful post. Hope you had a wonderful day with your precious daughter!

Ruth Hiebert said...

These words are so beautiful.Yes God does love each of us as if we were the only one. How [precious is that! Happy Birthday to your little sweetheart.

Kim Stevens said...

Just fabulous shots of your sweet one and beautiful words that I so understand! It is mind boggling how much He loves us, so much that he died for us rather than to live without us! WOW!

Have a fun day!

Seeing Each Day said...

All such sweet shots of a very sweet looking little person. I'm sure that first shot just feels like yesterday.

Unknown said...

Beautiful post! What a blessing that He loves us and is faithful even when we are not.

Happy birthday to your precious girl!

Kristin said...

What a beautiful post and a beautiful analogy. For some reason, I never thought of God's love this way, so you have enlightened me with this post...thank you! Hope you and your precious one both have an amazing Birth Day.

Mari said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter! I love what you had to say about that unconditional love for your child. Our daughter and her husband just had their first baby three weeks ago and are now experiencing that!

Unknown said...

So beautiful! I agree that I understand love more fully since becoming a mother! What an amazing blessing :)

Bobi said...

I don't think I ever really understood even a fraction of how much God truly must love us…. until I became a PARENT.
Then I thought back on the verse "For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life." John 3:16
I thought wow… God loved us SO much… i now understand his sacrifice on my behalf.